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XiaolongA Case of Two Cities; A Loyal Character Dancer; Cuando El Rojo Es Negro; Death of a Red Heroine; Dont cry Tai lake; El Caso Mao; Muerte De Una Heroína Roja; Red Mandarin Dress; Seda Roja; Tancerka Mao; The Mao Case; Visado Para Shanghai; When Red is Black;
XingjianBuying a Fishing Rod for my Grandfather; El Libro De Un Hombre Solo; La Montaña del Alma; One Man; One Man's Bible (chinese); Soul Mountain (chinese);
XueChina Witness; Nacer mujer en China; Sky Burial, An Epic Love Story of Tibet;
XunLa verídica historia de A Q; The True Story of Ah Q chinese; The True Story of AhQ;
XxcoyПослушание змеи;