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P.100 Strokes of the Brush Before Bed; Los cien golpes; Sto pociągnięć szczotką przed snem; Tu Aliento;
PachecoLas batallas en el desierto;
PaduraAdiós Hemingway; El Hombre Que Amaba A Los Perros; Havana Black; Havana Blue; Havana Fever; Havana Gold; Havana Red; La cola de la serpiente; Mascaras; Pasado Perfecto; Vientos De Cuaresma;
PageBody In The Belfry; Body in the Bog; The Body In The Basement; The Body in the Bouillon; The Body in the Cast; The Body in the Kelp; The Body in the Vestibule;
PalahniukFight Club На Итальянском;
PalmaLa hormiga que quiso ser astronauta;
PalmerDebatable Space; Hell Ship;
PamukEl libro negro; Me Llamo Rojo; My Name is Red; The Museum Of Innocence;
PancolEl vals lento de las tortugas; Los Ojos Amarillos De Los Cocodrilos;
PancolKatherineLa valse lente des tortues; Les écureuils de Central Park sont tristes le lundi; Les yeux jaunes des crocodiles;
PangbornDavy; La compagnia della gloria;
PanzermachinenАлексей Абвов;
PapademetriouSirens Storm;
PappanoCriminal Deception;
ParkerBlack Arrow; The Convict's sword; The Fires of the Gods; The Masuda Affair; Death on an Autumn River; Island of Exiles; Rashomon Gate – A Mystery of Ancient Japan; Photo orgy; Colours in the Steel; Devices and Desires; Memory; Shadow; The Belly of the Bow; The Escapement; The Proof House; Stacy’s senior year; Virgin Ready To Eat;
ParkmanTte Oegon Trail;
ParnowZbudź się w Famaguście;
ParotL'énigme des Blancs-Manteaux; Le fantôme de la rue Royale;
ParrishBlack at Heart; Fade To Black; Pitch Black; South Of Hell;
ParryMy Boss's slave;
PartridgeDark Harvest; Saguaro Riptide; Slippin into Darkness; The Man With the BarbedWire Fists; The TenOunce Siesta; Wildest Dreams;
PashaMother Of the Believers;
PatriciaGirlology: A Girl's Guide to Stuff that Matters;
Patterson#1 Suspect; 10th Anniversary; 11th hour; 7th Heaven; Alex Cross’s Trial; Beach Road; Bikini; Black Market; Cat & Mouse; Cross Fire; Dangerous Days of Daniel X; Don’t Blink; Double Cross; Fang; Fiołki Są Niebieskie; I, Alex Cross; I, Michael Bennett; Judge & Jury; Lifeguard; London Bridges; Luna De Miel; Max; Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment; Merry Christmas, Alex Cross; Now You See Her; Pamiętnik Pisany Miłością; Podmuchy Wiatru; Postcard killers; Private; Private London; Roses Are Red; Róże Są Czerwone; Run For Your Life; Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports; Sekmadieniai pas Tifanį; Step On A Crack; Swimsuit; The 6th Target; The 8th Confession; The 9th Judgment; The Beach House; The Big Bad Wolf; The Final Warning; The Jester; The Murder of King Tut; The Quickie; Thriller: Stories to Keep You Up All Night; Tick Tock; Toys; Trzy Oblicza Zemsty; Two Schools Out - Forever; Virgen; Wmc First To Die; Watch the Skies; Wielki Zły Wilk; Worst Case; You’ve Been Warned; Zoo; NYPD Red;
PattisonBone Mountain; Der fremde Tibeter; The Skull Mantra; Water Touching Stone;
PaulThe Tomb (Repairman Jack); The Battle of the Hammer Worlds; The Final Battle; The battle at the Moons of Hell; The battle for Commitment planet; The battle of Devastation reef;
PaulineLes paroles de 5 chansons;
PaulosINNUMERACY: Mathematical Illiteracy and Its Consequences;
PaulsenBrian's Hunt; Brian's Return; Brian's Winter; Hatchet; Liar, Liar; The River;
PaulsonOn the Brink: Inside the Race to Stop the Collapse of the Global Financial System;
PauwelsLhomme éternel; Le matin des magiciens;
PavónEl hospital de los dormidos; El reinado de witiza; Historias de Plinio; Las hermanas Coloradas;
PazPoesias Seleccion;
Pc MagazineReЖурнал PC MagazineRE №082009; Журнал PC MagazineRE №092009; Журнал PC MagazineRE №102009; Журнал PC MagazineRE №112009; Журнал PC MagazineRE №122009;
PearlCień Poego; El Club Dante; El Último Dickens; Klub Dantego; La Sombra de Poe; The Dante Club; The Last Dickens; The Poe Shadow;
PearsAn Instance of the Fingerpost; Stone's Fall; The Dream of Scipio; The Portrait;
PearsonHard Evidence; Murder Club;
PeeblesLa costurera;
PelecanosSoul Circus; Down By the River Where the Dead Men Go; Drama City; El Jardinero Nocturno; Firing offence; Hard Revolution; Hell To Pay; Nick's trip; Right as Rain; Shame the Devil; Shoedog; Sin Retorno; The Cut; The Night Gardener; The Turnaround; The Way Home; What It Was;
PelegrimasBlood Blade; Extinction Agenda; Howling Legion; Teeth of Beasts; The Breaking; Vampire Uprising;
PellaFanchon_s Book;
PelletilsThe Memoirs of Mitzy Volume 1; The Memoirs of Mitzy Volume 2;
PendletonAppointment In Kabul; Baltimore Trackdown; Beirut Payback; Blood Dues; Blood Heat Zero; Blood Sport; Blood Testament; California Hit; Caribbean Kill; Chicago WipeOut; Continental Contract; Council Of Kings; Day Of Mourning; Death Squad; Doomsday Disciples; Hellfire Crusade; Meltdown; Renegade Agent; Run To Ground; Savannah Swingsaw; Save The Children; Sunscream; The Bone Yard; The Iranian Hit; The Libya Connection; The Violent Streets; Tiger War; Twisted Path; Whipsaw; Texas Showdown; The Hostaged Island; Tower Of Terror;
PennacComme Un Roman;
PennyLilia wśród cierni;
PenzenskiХрущевская Оттепель 19531964 гг;
PenzlerAgents of Treachery – Spy Stories; Dangerous Women; Mujeres peligrosas; Murder At the Foul Line; Murder For Love; Murder For Revenge; The Lineup The Worlds Greatest Crime Writers Tell the Inside Story of Their Greatest Detectives;
PerdueCórka Boga; Perfect killer;
PérèsComme quoi Napoléon n'a jamais existé... = Почему Наполеона никогда не было;
Pérez–ReverteLa Reina Del Sur;
PérezReverteArturoUn jour de colère;
PerezTinicsExisting Dead;
PerkinsHoare and the Ffrog Prince; Hoare and the Passed Master; Hoare and the Portsmouth Atrocities; Hoare and the headless Captains; Hoare and the matter of treason; Hoare and the missing Mids; Dungeon nun; Dungeon wife; Secretary enslaved; The neighbor_s wife in chains; Confessions of an Economic Hit Man;
PernaLe avventure di Orazio Scattini;
PerryMurder in Plain Sight;
PerutzEl Judas de Leonardo; El Maestro del Juicio Final; El Marques De Bolibar;
PescettiHistorias De Los Señores Moc Y Poc;
PessoaLa hora del Diablo; Libro del desasosiego de Bernardo Soares;
PeterTeenage wives;
PetersA River in the Sky; Borrower of the Night; Crocodile On The Sandbank; Laughter of Dead Kings; Małpa Na Straży Wagi; Night Train to Memphis; Silhouette in Scarlet; Street of the Five Moons; The Golden One; Trojan Gold; A Morbid Taste for Bones; A Rare Benedictine; An Excellent Mystery; Brother Cadfael's Penance; Dead Man's Ransom; Monk's Hood; One Corpse Too Many; St. Peter's Fair; The Devil's Novice; The Heretic's Apprentice; The Hermit of Eyton Forest; The Leper of Saint Giles; The Pilgrim of Hate; The Potter's Field; The Raven in the Foregate; The Rose Rent; The Sanctuary Sparrow; The Summer of the Danes; The Virgin in the Ice; The confession of Brother Haluin; Campus lovein; The Island;
PetersenThe Secrets of a Lady;
PetrushevskayaThere Once Lived a Woman Who Tried to Kill Her Neighbor’s Baby;
PevelThe Cardinal_s Blades;
Pezechk-ZodДядюшка Наполеон (пер. Н.Кондырева, А.Михалев);
PezechkZodДядюшка Наполеон Пер. Н.Кондырева А.Михалев;
Pferd Im MantelКолокола обречённых. Ч.1 Очищение молитвой;
Phantom695Война в Ираке глазами украинского миротворца. Без цензуры и прикрас;
PhillipsThe Jook; Brain Twister;
PiafLes paroles de 255 chansons;
PicaroХромой дукат; Последний поход Морица фон Вернера; Пожиратели лотоса три новеллы о главном; Шанхайский регтайм; Специальная литература; У края у берега...;
PickardThe Scent of Rain and Lightning;
PickartBody of Evidence;
PicknettThe Secret History of Lucifer And the Meaning of the True Da Vinci Code;
PicoultBetween the lines; Bez mojej zgody; Change of heart; Diecinueve minutos; Handle with Care; Harvesting the Heart; House Rules; Jak z Obrazka; Jesień Cudów; Lone Wolf; Sing You Home; Świadectwo Prawdy; Zeit der Gespenster; My Sister's Keeper; Nineteen Minutes; Plain Truth; Salem Falls; Songs of the Humpback Whale: A Novel in Five Voices;
PiekaraArrivald z Wybrzeża; Czarne Płaszcze Tańczą; Łowcy Dusz; Miecz Aniołów; Sługa Boży;
PielewinGeneration „P”; Helm Grozy;
PilchBezpowrotnie Utracona Leworęczność; Miasto utrapienia; Pod mocnym aniołem; Tysiąc spokojnych miast;
PileggiCasino Amor y honor en Las Vegas; Casino Miłość i honor w Las Vegas; Wiseguy Life in a Mafia Family;
Pink FloydLyrics;
PiñonVoces del desierto;
PinterEl conserje; El montaplatos; Matar A Henry Parker; The Darkness; The Fury; The Guilty; The Hunters; The Mark; The Stolen;
PiperDer kleine Fuzzy; Fuzzies and Other People; Fuzzy Sapiens; Little Fuzzy; Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen;
PirsigLila. An Inquiry Into Morals;
PisónCarreteras secundarias;
PitmanA Chinese Wonder Book;
PlaidyFor a Queen's Love: The Stories of the Royal Wives of Philip II; Mary, Queen of France: The Story of the Youngest Sister of Henry VIII; Murder Most Royal: The Story of Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard; The Murder in the Tower: The Story of Frances, Countess of Essex; The Sixth Wife: The Story of Katherine Parr; To Hold the Crown: The Story of King Henry VII and Elizabeth of York;
PlakcyMahu; Mahu Fire; Mahu Surfer; Mahu Vice;
PlamondonNotreDame De Paris – Lyrics;
PlanckThe Kassa Gambit;
PlatonovInhabitant Of The State;
PlunkettStrumpet City;
Pocketbook.Com.UaPocket Book 360; PocketBook 301 Plus;
PoeLoss of Breath; A Descent into the Maelström; A Predicament; A Tale of Jerusalem; Berenice; Bon-Bon; Diddling Considered as One of the Exact Sciences; Eleonora; Four Beasts in One; Hop-Frog; How to Write a Blackwood Article; King Pest; Landor's Cottage; Ligeia; Lionizing; MS. Found in a Bottle; Mesmeric Revelation; Metzengerstein; Morella; Mystification; Never Bet the Devil Your Head; Some Words with a Mummy; Steampunk Poe; THE MURDERS IN THE RUE MORGUE; The Angel of the Odd; The Assignation; The Balloon-Hoax; The Black Cat; The Business Man; The Cask of Amontillado; The Colloquy of Monos and Una; The Conversation of Eiros and Charmion; The Devil in the Belfry; The Duc de L'Omelette; The Facts in Case of M. Valdemar; The Fall of the House of Usher; The Imp of the Perverse; The Island of the Fay; The Landscape Garden; The Literary Life of Thingum Bob, Esq.; The Man That Was Used Up; The Man of the Crowd; The Masque of the Red Death; The Mystery of Marie Rogêt; The Oblong Box; The Oxford Book of American Detective Stories; The Pit and the Pendulum; The Power of Words; The Premature Burial; The Purloined Letter; The Spectacles; The Sphinx; The System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether; The Tell-Tale Heart; The Thousand-and-Second Tale of Scheherazade; Three Sundays in a Week; Von Kempelen and His Discovery; Why the Little Frenchman Wears His Hand in a Sling; William Wilson; X-ing a Paragrab; "Thou Art the Man"; La Murdoj de Kadavrejo-Strato;
PohlAlarm in der Tiefsee; Chernobyl; Człowiek plus; Dolce triste regina delle isole vaganti; Duell in der Tiefe; Gateway; Gateway — brama do gwiazd; Gli antimercanti dello spazio; Il lungo ritorno; Isaac Asimov's Worlds of Science Fiction. Book 9: Robots; Jem; Kupcy wenusjańscy; L'invasione degli uguali; Man Plus; Städte unter dem Ozean; The Meeting; Uomo più; Człowiek plus;
PolsonThe Bottom Feeders and Other Stories;
PomfreyEarly Transformation; Поездка в Лондон и последствия;
PonzoA Touch of Deceit; A Touch of Greed; A Touch of Revenge;
PooleBlood Ties (Darke Academy); Divided Souls (Darke Academy); Cruising Attitude;
PorathSteel and Stone;
PorterEmpire State; Hot and horny family;
PortmanKing Dork;
PöthMaîgré Tétèfoîn;
PotzschThe Beggar King; The Dark Monk; The Hangman’s Daughter;
PouchkineLa Dame De Pique;
PournelleBirth Of Fire; Clan and Crown; Go Tell the Spartans; High Justice; Janissaries; King David's Spaceship; Revolt on War World; Sword and Scepter; The Man-Kzin Wars 05; West of Honor;
PowellA Reckless Bargain; Spurt by spurt;
PowerAmbassador; Counselor; Knight Esquire; Knight of the Realm; The Builder;
PradoThe Whore of Babylon, A Memoir;
PratchettЦвет Волшебства Пер. И.Кравцова Под Ред. А.Жикаренцева; Безумная Звезда Пер. И. Кравцова Под Ред. А. Жикаренцева; Посох И Шляпа; Стража! Стража! Пер. С. Жужунавы Под Ред. А.Жикаренцева; Мрачный Жнец Перевод Н.Берденникова Под Ред. А.Жикаренцева; Ведьмы За Границей; Мелкие Боги Пер. Н.Берденников Под Ред. А.Жикаренцева; Дамы И Господа Пер. Н.Берденников Под Ред. А.Жикаренцева; К Оружию! К Оружию! Пер. Н.Берденников Под Ред. А.Жикаренцева; Роковая Музыка Пер. Н.Берденников Под Ред. А.Жикаренцева; Интересные Времена Пер. С.Увбарх Под Ред. А.Жикаренцева; Маскарад Пер. С.Увбарх Под Ред. А.Жикаренцева; СантаХрякус; The Sea And The Little Fishes; Theater Of Cruelty; Troll Bridge; Turntables Of The Night; Вертушки Ночи Пер. Т.Куликова; Море И Рыбешки Пер. Е.Александрова; Мост Троллей Пер. Emperor; A Hat Full Of Sky; Безумная Звезда; Движущиеся Картинки Пер. В.Вольфсон Под Ред. А.Жикаренцева; Эрик; Люди Ковра Пер. О.Колесников; Маленькие Боги Перевод V.Galdikiene; Мор Ученик Смерти Пер. И.Кравцова Под Ред. А.Жикаренцева; Мост Троллей; Музыка Души Пер. Г.Бородин; Ноги Из Глины; Патриот Пер. С.Увбарх Под Ред. А.Жикаренцева; Пирамиды; Последний Континент; СантаХрякус Пер. С.Увбарх Под Ред. А.Жикаренцева; Стража! Стража! Пер. С. БенЛев; Творцы Заклинаний; В Доспехах И С Оружием; Вещие Сестрички; Good Omens; Добрые Предзнаменования Пер. В.Филиппов; Кот Без Дураков Пер. Е.Ланчиков; The Amazing Maurice And His Educated Rodents; The Wee Free Men;
PreciadoCamino de hierro; Llegó el tiempo de las cerezas;
PrellwitzShards Book One;
PrestonHot secretary; Loving mother; More than a daughter; Willing teacher;
PreußlerDas kleine Gespenst;
PreyerSherlock Holmes und der Fluch der Titanic;
PrivatVivo de Zamenhof;
ProbeClive Cussler;
Prof. Pēteris ŠmitsLatviešu tautas ticējumi;
ProulxThe Shipping News; Горбатая Гора;
ProustA La Recherche Du Temps Perdu III – Le Coté De Guermantes; A la recherche du temps perdu Tome I – Du côté de chez Swann; Sodome et Gomorrhe;
PrudenceSharing Lovers;
PuigBoquitas pintadas; La traición de Rita Hayworth;
PullmanEl buen Jesús y Cristo el malvado; La maldición del rubí; Magiczny Nóż; Once Upon a time in the North; Once Upong a time in the North; The Amber Spyglass; The Golden Compass; The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ; The Subtle Knife; Zorza Północna;
PurdyIn a Shallow Grave;
PutnamPrinco Vanc';
PutneyAngel Rogue; Dancing on the Wind; Petals in the Storm; Shattered Rainbows; The China Bride; Wedding of the Century;
PuzoEl Padrino; Fools Die; Крестный отец часть 1. Английский язык с Марио Пьюзо.; Los tontos mueren; Ojciec Chrzestny; Six Graves To Munich; The Fourth K; The Godfather; The Last Don; The Sicilian;